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It should fix your "invisible" trash can problem. General Support ​ "The battery icon is different on this computer than the previous one that I had. I can't find any way to make it look the same as it did before. It does not say its plugged in. How do I change that" The battery icon is an external part to your PC. You cannot control that, and you also should not mess with it. You'll have to replace it. There are many cheap battery indicators available online. For example, a good one is available at Amazon for $15: Energizer 3 Volt 5mm LED Amorphous Battery Indicator "My computer is not playing any sound and I don't know how to fix it" ​​​While troubleshooting sounds, try the following steps: Double-click on the speaker icon in the notification area of your taskbar. Click on "Test". Another possible way to test if you have a sound problem is to run "Sound Recorder" from the Windows "Start" menu. Go to File -> New Recording, and play any audio you would like recorded. Open the resulting.WAV file in the editor of your choice. You should find that the left and right channels have a lot of noise in them. This is probably due to a problem with your sound card. "I just got a new power supply and motherboard but I keep getting my cpu fan to run full blast. I checked my cpu with a thermometer and its not very hot. I also took the CPU and the fans out and they spin at 1.0RPM. Why is this happening? The manufacturer of your motherboard recommends that you replace the CPU fan and your power supply fan. You can download a free tool to help you identify if there are any other issues with your system. This tool can be found on the motherboard manufacturer's website, with your motherboard model number. "I have an old machine that no longer boots. I turned it on, and the monitor comes on and says 'Press any key to continue', but the monitor is not on. What should I do?" Press the "ESC" key and if that doesn't work, press "F1" on your keyboard and then press "TAB" on your keyboard to get into the boot menu. You may have to reset your BIOS using a utility on your motherboard manual or on the manufacturer's website



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Download Recycle Bin Windows 7 chahmarj
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